About Us

Our company produces high quality technical plastics that are constantly needed in the industry and offers them to our valued customers at the most affordable prices. In addition, since technical plastics are very important products, our company’s expert technical team is in constant dialogue with our customers and supports them with the most accurate solutions.

Temapol, one of the pioneers of the thermoplastic sheet production industry, has become a sought-after solution partner in our country and worldwide in a short time with the high quality extruded sheets it produces. Located in Turkey, 5,000 m2 closed area manufacturing facility is equipped with modern machines with the latest technology. Thanks to these machines, the annual production capacity of our factory is 3,000 tons.

We are a successful solution partner and semi-finished product supplier of many industries including furniture, sanitary ware, construction, automotive, white goods, advertising, and medical industries. In a short time, we managed to win business partners all over the world with our total quality understanding and customer-oriented solutions. Currently, our products are used and appreciated in more than 30 countries.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials accepted by the thermoplastic plate industry and our qualified staff, we provide sustainable service to our customers with high quality products, short production times and competitive prices. Thanks to our total quality understanding and customer satisfaction priority, we have been awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate.

We continue to plan and make our forward-looking investments by increasing efficiency in line with constantly changing customer demands.


Yıldızhan Plastik, plastik üretiminde en iyi kaliteyi yakalamak için daima arge çalışmalarına devam ederek Türkiye’ de plastik üretiminde zirveyi hedeflemektedir.

Yıldızhan Plastik ihracat hedefleri kapsamında ülkemizde teknik ve endüstriyel plastik üretiminde en çok tercih edilen firma olmak ve Avrupa başta olmak üzere tüm dünyaya yüksek kaliteli ürünler ihraç etmek için vizyonunu belirlemiştir.


Yıldızhan Plastik tüm üretim süreçlerinde doğaya dost ürünler ortaya çıkarmaya çalışmaktadır. Plastik üretiminin insanlık için ne kadar faydalı olduğunu ancak doğa içinde ne kadar tehlikeli olabileceğinin bilinci ile çalışıyor, temiz çevre ve temiz üretim anlayışı ile yolumuza devam ediyoruz. Ayrıca Üretim sonrası geri dönüşüm kutularımızda biriktirdiğimiz plastik atıklarını geri dönüşüm ile yeninden kullanıma sunuyoruz.

Diğer hassasiyetimiz ise müşteri memnuniyetinin her ürün tesliminde sağlanması için planlı, programlı ve zamanlı çalışmaktır. Tam zamanında, tam istendiği gibi, tam kalite ile ürün teslimini yapmak ve %100 müşteri memnuniyetini sağlamak bizim için bir misyondur.


Low Price

We offer our products at affordable prices and allow everyone to access our products. We wait at our production facility for our technical and industrial plastic products suitable for every budget and need.

High Quality

We allocate some of our earnings to R&D studies for better quality products. Thus, we offer quality products for you and create new usage areas for plastic.

Fast Transport

We take care to meet the unprocessed plastic material needs of our customers on time, and the products are delivered in our factory on time.

Work Safety

Seminars are organized for our employees in the presence of occupational safety experts, and security measures in plastic production processes are checked every time.