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Poliamid pa

Poliamid (PA6)


Very high tensile and compression strength

High impact resistance

Abrasion and bending resistance

High chemical resistance

Economical due to low density

Oil-free and quiet running

Possibility to be economically produced in very large sizes

It is a material widely used in the machinery industry. It is a material with relatively hardness, rigid, slippery and good mechanical strength values. There are various areas of use in gear applications up to wheel construction. However, it is not as hard and wear-resistant as Casting Polyamide, and not as slippery as Delrin. Its chemical resistance is medium, it has resistance against some acids and bases. Polyamid 6 has the ability to collect water within its body. These features have good and bad sides. Its good aspect increases the resistance of the piece against vibration and sudden impacts. Thus, it allows to eliminate the dynamic stresses that will occur during the use of the part. the downside is that it becomes difficult to achieve dimensional stability in the material. In other words, the material is affected by the humidity in the air and changes in size, attention should be paid to the tolerances before finishing the part.

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